Your Peace of Mind is My Priority!

About Lori Harmon

I  was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.   I did not dream of  becoming an insurance agent when I was a little girl even though I did  have an uncle who was a very, very successful insurance agent.

In  1985, I entered the insurance business as part time receptionist for a  local insurance brokerage.   Within 6 months, I was promoted to full  time pre-sales health insurance specialist.  My job was to call  prospective clients, explain the individual health insurance plans  available and help them fill out their applications. The agents were paid a monthly commission for every completed application; I received $20. 

However, the lesson I learned was invaluable:

To  be successful, I needed to patiently explain policy benefits and rates  to  clients and guide them through the application process as quickly  and smoothly as possible!

Meanwhile,  I continued to do all the group and individual marketing for the  brokerage.   Now my work included comparing plans and benefits to help  our clients  make the right insurance policy choices.  More importantly,  I took care of all their service needs.  I resolved issues with claims,  billing, enrollment, terminations and lost identification cards. 

Again what I learned was invaluable: 

Nothing replaces direct contact with people to meet their needs!

Clients  need and deserve a real person to answer questions and solve problems,  not a web page or a sales brochure.  And this person should be available  for the life of the insurance policy.

In  1996, I became a licensed insurance agent.  In the meantime, I was  promoted to the position of Individual and Medicare Specialist at the  brokerage.  I continued to take excellent care of the brokerage's  clients while I built my own successful book of business. 

In  January of 2013, I decided to open my own insurance agency, Harmon  Insurance Services.   I am delighted to report that nearly every one of  my previous clients has joined me.  They know they will continue to  receive the same person-to-person care and guidance they have come to  expect.  Some have even nicknamed me their "Insurance Mommy!"

My goal remains unchanged: 

To  offer the best, most affordable health insurance plans available and  provide the  most accessible, reliable service possible to all my  clients, old and new. 

This specifically includes helping everyone understand the new Health Reform Act and how it applies to them.