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 Read what my individual and group clients think of me!


Lori found me the right plan at the right price with the minimum of hassle and the maximum of care. Thanks!
David Sauvage

I  have been using Lori for my insurance needs for close to 20 years.  She  not only helps to find me the best program for my medical and dental  needs, she is easy to work with,
even fun!
Clark Carlton

I was very happy with Lori.  She is knowledgeable and sensitive I was so impressed I referred her to my friends!

Lori  is a very hardworking, dedicated agent. She has gone over and above the  call of duty to help me get the insurance I needed. She was always one  step ahead and knew just where to turn to get the necessary answers. You  are definitely in good hands with Lori.    

Lori  Harmon has been an exceptional Health Insurance representative.  Last  month I had my first (and hopefully last) attack of Diverticulitis.   With a 102 fever, my doctor said I had to go straight to his hospital  across the street.  Not having any of my Health Provider’s info on me, I  called Lori right away, and left a message.  Within two minutes she  called back – from the
airport in New Jersey! – to say that, yes, the  hospital across the street was covered by my plan.  She’s also kept an  eye out regarding any rate hikes my current insurer might have planned,  and has prepped a menu of the various plans I could switch into that  would offer the same coverage, doctors and price.
And for someone who  works with computers daily, but still finds most websites irritating,  she has shown enormous patience, walking me through applications,etc. 

All in all, you couldn’t ask for someone more “on top of it,” when it comes to Health Insurance, than Lori Harmon.
James Derner

Lori  Harmon has been a huge help to me and my family. I'm grateful and refer  her to everyone I know, since I she will give them honest and excellent  advice. She has always taken the extra time to educate me, walk me  through the complex processes that sometimes arise – all with a great  attitude. She extends the relationship beyond professional, providing  personal advice as if I were in her family.


When  the time of the year used to roll around to renew our company health brain would go into panic many plans to choose  from.  I would read through them comparing co-pays and costs and still  not feel secure that I was making the right decision.
I no longer  stress...I just trust that Lori has done the research and has found the  best fit.  She patiently answers our questions, helps with the forms and  we're done.  When there have been any dealings with the insurance  company for claims, employee changes, etc....Lori handles it for us.   And she makes us laugh!
Pam Braverman
Partner/Talent Agent

Lori  has handled our insurance for over fourteen years and we have never  been happier. She provides first-rate customer service, impeccable  attention to detail, and makes dealing with the whole subject of  insurance stress-free. We wouldn’t trade her for anyone else ever.  
Ellen Dostal
Director of Events & Member Services

I’ve  been working with Lori Harmon for 12 years and she is simply the best.   She’s responsive, knowledgeable, creative and always has the answer.   She’s also a super human being who cares about her clients.  Lori is  adept at navigating an industry which can be confusing and perplexing  and she’s very funny to boot!  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.  
Jeff Smith | CEO/Co-Founder

Lori  Harmon has managed our company’s medical insurance from our set up and  has helped us negotiate this ever changing environment so that our team  has peace of mind about their family medical coverage and our company is  paying a fair competitive price for that coverage.  
Rod Williams
EVP North America

I  have known Lori Harmon for more than twenty (20) years and have relied  heavily upon her for help with our insurance business.  She has always  given us outstanding service and we can count on her to provide us with  professional competent advice and has helped us when we have had a  problem with the insurance companies.  I hold her in high esteem and  would confidently give her our highest rating.
Robert M. Russak

I  have worked with Lori Harmon for more than 12 years.  She has provided  me, my employees and family with impeccable service and information.   Lori truly cares about her clients and their well-being.  I have a level  of trust in and an appreciation for Lori that is hard to find today in  our business.  She will always go the extra mile to be certain that I am  well looked after.

Thank you, Lori

Wayne Davis